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This handcrafted, $7,500 re-designed yurt is waaay cooler than your house. Plus, it beats a year of rent in New York City.


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Voltage by Laura Worthington.

The skilled designer Laura Worthington has released a beautiful script font with a touch of vintage (the retro style is a trend right now), but without being too much cheeky. The subtle and versatile details of this font make it ideal too use it in more context aside the retro trend.

Like many of Worthington’s typefaces, Voltage is evocative of a milieu or era. Here, we see the metal lettering on automobiles of the past—with their retro takes on a bright future–and those emblems of an optimistic, hardworking period. Its overall regularity references a time when the machine was king—the late days of the Industrial Age. Imagine vintage instructions on signs or paper; they may be created by machinery or by hand, yet both have that industrial sensibility. We sense visions in the 1950s—and earlier—of what the Nuclear Age would look like. Voltage calls to mind gas stations, machinists, receipts at machine shops, trips to the soda fountain at the drugstore, shopping at the five and dime. Yet, in its twists and small irregularities, we see vestiges of hand-painted signage, the rivets in beloved, old, worn blue jeans, the touch of the ”common man” who, alongside women, built America

Download it here:

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hybrid skins combines fashion with nanotechnology and cloning
all images courtesy of tetem art space

see more of the skin-tastic designs here

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