Superheroes - Past/Present Vol. 2 by SPACEMAN / Khoa Ho

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Michael Eastman (b. 1947, USA) Urban Luminosity


Bing Wright (b. 1958, Seattle)  Broken Mirror / Evening Sky, 2012


Ru Cola 


bright attic workspace (via desiretoinspire / Margrethe Myhrer)


Krista van der Niet (b.1978, Netherlands) Seven Pins & One Match


Wim Wenders WeekPina, 2011Cinematography: Hélène Louvart, Jörg Widmer


2000 Leguas De Viaje Submarino by Jules Verne.


(via Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott Shoot For Love Magazine | 25th Century)


Plate XII from Fleurs, written and illustrated by  Serge Gladky, Paris, 1929.



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window desk (via Stadshem)


Anglecia Pro by Mint Type.

Anglecia Pro is an exquisite and versatile system of three transitional serif typefaces designed to work together in editorial design. Sharing the same skeleton, vertical axis, and trapezoidal uncurved serifs, each of these faces bears different key dimensions and different contrast typical for three different type epochs.

Anglecia Pro Text is a typeface designed for general typesetting in average reading sizes. Although it features a vertical axis, its soft skeleton, relatively small x-height and prominent ascenders and descenders give the typesetting a traditional warm texture with a slight contemporary touch.

Anglecia Pro Title incorporates proportions of familiar transitional serif typefaces but exposes higher-than-average vertical contrast which makes it useful for setting captions, pull quotes or general purpose text in sizes of 12 pt and above.

Anglecia Pro Display, still having non-rectangular serifs and the same soft skeleton as the rest of Anglecia Pro system, features extreme contrast, much thinner serifs and exaggerated ball terminals typical for Didone modern serif families. Its large x-height and tighter letter spacing suggests larger text sizes e.g. in decorative headlines, extra large pull quotes or logos.

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